Music Lessons as an Adult: 4 Reasons to Do It!

Music Lessons as an Adult: 4 Reasons to Do It!

“I used to take piano lessons when I was a kid, but I quit. I sure wish I had kept with it!”¬†

This is a comment we hear ALL. THE. TIME. So many people took some sort of music lessons as a kid but didn’t stick with it for one reason or another. Now as adults, they wish they were able to play an instrument and regret quitting as kids. And they unfortunately think that it’s too late. Well, we’ve got some good news for you!

It’s NEVER too late to learn an instrument! In fact, you can even get more out of music lessons as an adult than as a kid. Here are our top 4 reasons to take music lessons as an adult:

Music Lessons as an Adult: 4 Reasons to Do It!

1. Playing music is a great stress reliever.

As adults, we are inundated with stressors – our job(s), bills, kids, cleaning, you name it. Music provides a fun and relaxing escape from these things, whether it’s in your weekly lessons or your private practice time at home. Playing music is also a creative outlet for expressing your emotions, which can be very therapeutic.

Not to mention the fact that there are countless studies out there that prove that music lifts your mood. With all the other studies out there that show what a negative affect stress has on your mental and physical well-being, it is important now more than ever to have an activity that helps to lower your stress.

Music Lessons as an Adult: 4 Reasons to Do It! - adult guitar student

2. Playing music can delay the effects of aging.

As we get older, there are inevitable side effects we will experience, such as decreased physical and mental faculties. However, learning to play an instrument can help to delay these things!

Your brain is a muscle after all, and just like any muscle, it needs to be exercised. They say all the time that it’s important for adults to engage in mentally stimulating activities like crossword puzzles, sudoku puzzles, or other brain games. Playing a musical instrument falls into that category too! Learning to play an instrument will keep your brain sharp.

Playing an instrument is also good for your physical well-being. Whether you are playing piano, guitar, drums, or whatever, it requires some physical activity. Staying physically active as an adult can help to reduce the chances of developing arthritis later on down the road.

Music Lessons as an Adult: 4 Reasons to Do It! - Adult Piano Student

3. You might even get MORE out of your music lessons as an adult.

If you’re an adult taking music lessons, you are investing your own money to pay for your instrument and lessons, as opposed to a kid whose parents are paying for everything. You are also taking lessons because it is something that you actually want to do, whereas some kids are in lessons because their parents want them to do it. Your desire to want to be there and to want to learn, combined with the fact that you are investing your own resources into the lessons, will contribute to you being successful and excelling in your lessons.

Music Lessons as an Adult: 4 Reasons to Do It! - adult guitar student

4. Playing music helps foster a sense of community.

Meeting new friends as an adult can sometimes be challenging. Playing an instrument will open up an entire new social avenue for you and gives you a great opportunity to meet people that share the same hobby and passion as you. Once you know how to play an instrument, you can join a band, play in church, or just get together with people for an informal jam. We also offer adult group music classes, which is another great way to make some new friends through music.

Music Lessons as an Adult: 4 Reasons to Do It! - adult guitar student

We can guarantee that the music community is very welcoming, so we encourage you to join it, no matter your age. Plus, it’s just a heck of a lot of fun to play music!

Remember, it’s never too late!

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